Is same-day shipping an option?

Yes, for smaller orders placed before 12pm MST, it is possible to process and ship the same day. Of course, while larger orders require a longer lead time, most orders ship within 1-3 Business days of purchase.

Is an adjustable desk really going to work for me?

Yes. Our products are modern, high quality, affordable tools; built to move with you throughout your day. We built our first desks based on our own needs and from those around us, and we stand behind our products today! You have nothing to lose with our warranty and money-back guarantee.

Is the electric Mod-E base programmable?

Yes, the table can be programmed with preset heights or fine-tuned as your needs change. The electric Mod-E smoothly raises at a rate of 2” per second — a total of 9 seconds from the lowest setting to the highest — with just the simple touch of a button. The soft stop & start feature ensures the smoothest transition and eliminates jarring jolts.

Why are the desks and bases either manual or electric, but not both?

We build our bases exactly as they are meant to be used — a manual base is built specifically as a manual base, and an electric base is built as an electric base. We’ve found that our desks and tables simply outperform and outlast other options because they’re built with consistent function parameters in mind.

Can I modify my desk into a treadmill desk?

Yes! You’ll need a platform treadmill with no upper rails to walk while you work. We recommend contacting Lifespan Fitness for a treadmill that will safely work with our standing desks.

Is there a cable management system?

Cable management is essential in controlling a workspace. Our Cable Management Tray is designed to lift cords out of sight, maximize the free space around your electronics, and keep the floor clear. The simple, sleek, and versatile design can also double as an under-the-desk drawer for easy, organized access to your writing tools.

Are custom table tops available?

In addition to our standard finishes, we do offer specialty materials and finishes for custom orders. Please call us at 602.773.6911 or email us at for information on minimum order quantities and custom order information.

Are custom base finishes available?

Our standard finishes will work with any decor, but custom powder coat color options are available with a minimum order quantity of 10 bases. Please call us at 602.773.6911 or email us at for more information on placing a custom order.

Uneven legs on ModTable Base

  1. There are two set screws on each side of the drive shaft. Loosen all four set screws on the drive shaft using the mid-sized Allen wrench provided.
  2. Adjust the right leg of the base so that it is level with the left leg of the base.
  3. Tighten all four set screws.
  4. The base should now be level and ready to use as normal.

Correcting wobble in Mod-E/ModTable Base

  1. Turn the table upside down on a flat surface.
  2. Make sure the bolts that attach the feet to the legs are fully tightened.
  3. Loosen the bolts that attach the top supports to the leg. Make sure the top supports are level and flush against the tabletop, then re-tighten the bolts.
  4. Ensure the table top is fastened securely to the base.

Resetting Mod-E Base

If your base loses power, it will not raise up and will only go down very slowly. To reset your base:

  1. Press the down button. The base will go down very slowly.
  2. Hold the down button until the base reaches the very bottom.
  3. Continue holding until you hear two clicks.
  4. Your base is reset and ready to use as normal.


I’m interested in carrying MultiTable products in my store; how do I make it happen?

Thank you for believing in our products as much as we do! We value our dealer partners — offering people the tools for healthy living is exciting. Please contact us directly at or call 602.773.6911 for information about becoming a MultiTable dealer.

What happens if my order is damaged in shipping?

We want you to be satisfied with your purchase. If your MultiTable product(s) is delivered with obvious signs of damage, please refuse the shipment and the damaged product will be sent back to us. If you discover any damage after accepting shipment, send us an email at or call 602.773.6911 for instructions on replacing the damaged item(s). We will promptly send the replacement(s) once we receive the damaged item(s).

What is your exchange policy?

Because we aren’t happy if you aren’t happy, we have a 30-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you need to exchange your MultiTable product(s), please call us at 602.773.6911 or contact us at  for an exchange authorization number. We do ask the product be returned in its original packaging and is in sellable condition. We will promptly send the replacement(s) to you upon receipt of the exchanged item(s), .

Please note: shipping and handling costs for the original item(s) are nonrefundable. Buyer also pays for shipping and handling costs of replacement item(s).

What is your return policy?


We have a 30-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee — if you aren’t happy, neither are we. If you decide your MultiTable product(s) does not meet your needs, please send it back for a full refund*. We only ask the product be returned in its original packaging and in sellable, like new condition. Simply email us at or call 602.773.6911 for a return authorization number.

*Please note: Customers are responsible for return shipping costs.

Can I pick up my order to save on shipping?

Of course! Our facility is located in Phoenix, Arizona — all local pickup orders must be processed over the phone. Please call us at 602.773.6911 or email us at to arrange a pick up date, time, and location.

Is international shipping available?

Yes! We will ship your order to the destination of your choosing. For an international shipping estimate, please contact us at or call 602.773.6911.

Please Note: All shipping costs outside of the U.S. do not include duties or taxes. Payment for these fees is the sole responsibility of the customer.

What are our Flat shipping rates?

 ModTable Base $0.00  $159.00  $109.00
 Mod-E Base  $0.00  $159.00  $109.00
 L-Shaped Base  $0.00  $239.00  $179.00
Small Top $0.00 $89.00 $69.00
Medium Top $0.00 $89.00 $69.00
Large Top $0.00 $149.00 $99.00
 XL Top  $0.00  $149.00  $99.00
 L-Shaped Top  $0.00  $239.00  $169.00
Keyboard Tray  $0.00  $59.00  $49.00
 CPU Holder  $0.00  $59.00  $49.00
 Single Monitor Arm  $0.00  $59.00  $49.00
 Dual Monitor Arm  $0.00  $59.00  $49.00
 Wheel Kit  $0.00  $59.00  $49.00
 Cable Management Tray  $0.00  $59.00 $49.00


What are my shipping options?

We typically offer UPS Ground on orders placed through our website. However, we have other shipping options available. Rates & services for freight shipping are determined at the time large orders are placed. Expedited shipping is also available. For more information, please contact us at or call 602.773.6911.

Can I use my own table top?

Bases can be sold separately, but do keep the dimensional requirements in mind if installing your own top. Email or call 602.773.6911 for more information or help with finding the right base for you size table top

What are our Table Tops made of?

Our standing desk tops are constructed in house right here in the USA. They consist of industrial strength, commercial grade particle board made from recycled composite material and finished with a durable, moisture resistant, melamine.

What are our MultiTable Bases made of?

Our table and desk bases are constructed of powder coated, rolled stamped steel and are finished in number of classic colors to complement any decor. They’re designed to be durable, affordable, and easy to use.

How much weight can the MultiTable Bases support?

Manual ModTable Base = 130 lbs

Electric Mod-E Base = 250 lbs

Electric L-Shape Base = 375 lbs

We recommend distributing the weight evenly over the Table Top to help guarantee a smooth operation of the MultiTable Bases.

Are your products guaranteed?

Absolutely! We stand behind our products with a 30-day, money-back, 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you decide, within 30 days of purchase, that your product isn’t right for your needs, you may return or exchange it. All we ask is that the product be returned in its original packaging and be in sellable condition.  View our return policy.

What’s the warranty on bases and table tops?

All our bases and table tops carry a limited 5-year warranty from the date of purchase on any defective materials, workmanship, or moving parts and on the steel of the bases. We will completely replace any defective part within that 5-year period. After the 5-year warranty expires, we will do our best to correct any issue at the lowest possible cost. Our goal is your satisfaction.

How do I know my purchase will be a secure transaction?

Oure website is equipped with 128bit SSL security. We are also a PayPal verified merchant. Please contact us at or 602.773.6911 if you would like to place your order through PayPal.

When will my order be shipped?

Orders are generally shipped within 1 to 3 business days from the order date. Shipping within the U.S. typically takes 2 to 7 business days via UPS Ground. For information on alternative delivery methods, questions about your order, or for more information, please email or call 602.773.6911.

How will I know my order has been processed?

Every order is followed with a confirmation email. All details, including an itemized list of purchased items and the total purchase amount, is included and indicates the order is in process. If you find a discrepancy or you do not receive the email within 30 minutes please email or call 602.773.6911.