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For over 7 years, MultiTable.com has been on the forefront of the healthy workplace movement. Healthiest Employers are actively searching for information and solutions to make a difference in the healthy workplace movement. That’s why we provide over 150 articles with comprehensive research and data related to the benefits of standing desks and the risks of sitting for long periods of time.

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Standing Desks For Healthy Employers

The effects of prolonged sitting

Prolonged Sitting Increases the Risk of:
Bad back – Inflexible Spine, Disc Damage
Muscle Degeneration – Mushy Abs, Tight Hips, Limp Glutes
Leg Disorders – Poor Circulation, Soft Bones
Trouble at the Top – Foggy Brain, Strained Neck
Too Much Sitting Can Take Years Off Your Life

The benefits of standing desks

Standing Periodically Has Shown to:
Increase Energy & Focus
Increase Productivity
Promote Collaboration
Boost Metabolism
Reduce Risk of Certain Cancers

Standing Desks For Healthiest Employers
MultiTable Standing Desks For Healthiest Employers


MultiTable.com recognizes healthiest employers that are committed to creating healthier workplaces for their employees, and we support the efforts that companies are making with life changing ergonomic desks and accessories. We craft standing desks and accessories that allow your employees the choice to sit or stand while at work. As a result, your employees live healthier, happier, and become more productive.

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