FlexTable Electric or Hand Crank Standing Desk

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The MultiTableยฎ FlexTable Electric or Hand Crank Standing Desk

The FlexTable Electric or Hand Crank Standing Desk by MultiTableยฎย is uniquely designed from the ground up to be the most steadfast, versatile and adaptable height adjustable standing desk made for todayโ€™s modern workspace.

Now the power is in your hands to sit or stand with an affordable height adjustable desk that can be ordered with an electric up-down switch or a hand crank โ€“ you get to choose how to raise and lower your desk surface. Best part is you can easily and quickly convert the FlexTable from a manual hand crank to an electric switch at any time with the FlexTable Electric Upgrade Kit.

Offering impressive height adjustability from 27ย โ…โ€ to 45ย โ…žโ€, the FlexTable is made from quality-grade aluminum and steel components that can support standard desk tops ranging from 40โ€ to 72โ€ wide. Our most affordable standing desk yet, FlexTable achieves the ultimate in functionality, comfort and flexibility.

With MultiTable, you decide how you accomplish your best work.


  • Affordable, high-quality design in a variety of standard colors
  • Powder-coated premium aluminum and steel desk frame
  • Expansive height adjustability from 27 โ…โ€ to 45 โ…žโ€
  • Adjustable width range from: 43โ€ to 67โ€
  • Adjustable desk frame width supports desk tops up to 72โ€
  • Wide desk frame leg structure for improved stability and durability
  • Flexible conversion from manual hand crank to electric switch with FlexTable Electric Conversion Kit
  • 30-day return guarantee
  • 5-year limited warranty

Our Desk Tops:

  • High quality Wilsonartยฎ Thermally Fused Laminate (TFL)
  • All holes are predrilled for easy assembly and perfect alignment
  • Extremely Durable
  • Stain Resistant
  • Water Resistant
  • Surface Wear Resistant
  • 2mm Smooth Matching Edgebanding
  • TFL Laminate Panels are GREENGUARD CERTIFIED
  • Crafted in-house by our experts
  • Made in The USA

62 reviews for FlexTable Electric or Hand Crank Standing Desk

  1. This is exactly what I have been looking for: a quality sit/stand desk at a good price.

    The cranking motion is very smooth and easy. The overall construction seems very solid. The maximum height is quite high, so unless you’re a giant it’s going to be plenty.

    The minimum height is pretty typical for a desk. If you like to slouch you may want to add a keyboard tray.

  2. The company that sells this product did such a good job with packaging, shipping, ease of assembly. I purchased this base so that I could add my own custom table top. Prior to ordering my table top, I wrote to MultiTable and asked if they offered any hardwood table tops that I may have overlooked on their website. They don’t offer that, but the rep was enthusiastic about the table top I was seeking, and offered advice to make sure I was “working within the parameters of the Base’s intended use”, and that I should use the self-tapping wood screws that are included with the shipment. There are 10 screws included.

    The table top I have on this base is Ambrosia Maple with breadboard ends, 30″ x 50″ and 3/4″ thickness. I think I’d go with 1″ thickness next time, since it seems like I was cutting it close with the size of the wood screws. I chose these dimensions to be on the safe side about weight parameters, in case I decided to place anything heavy on my desk, i.e. shelf, organizer, etc.

    The operation of the crank arm is fine. There will be slight resistance while you turn, I’m guessing because it has some kind of stopping break so the desk doesn’t roll back down, but turning the crank arm doesn’t require much more effort than lifting some of my handbags or laptop case.

    I love not having to sit all day at my desk! I recommend this product and I’m buying an additional one from this company. Read their return policy, I believe you have 30 days to return.

  3. This desk is an excellent value and a well crafted sturdy product. It’s beautiful.

    I sit, I stand, I kneel, I pedal, and I bounce on a ball. Wonderful!

    I recommend this desk to friends and love using it.

  4. This is an excellent sit/stand desk; I’ve been using it for about a week and am very happy with the purchase. I hand-crank the desk up and down about 2x a day, and everything is working great – just as expected, and just as others have positively reviewed here as well.

    The packaging for the base was secure and organized, and the base wasn’t difficult to put together. One step did involve the help from a second person (to slide the base out to the desired width while attaching the center pieces). There is a video tutorial on the MultiTable website for help on how to put the table together, if needed, but the instruction booklet was also easy to follow.

  5. I’ve had one of these at work for the last 2 1/2 years and am delighted to finally have one at home too. It was simple to put together, solid, and well built. And my back couldn’t be happier.

  6. Awesome.

    Heavy-duty, and very well-made. You can go from sitting height to standing height in about 8 seconds. I had mine loaded up with roughly 100lbs of computer stuff, and had no issues with raising/lowering, nor any issues with stability:

    – 27″ iMac
    – Modem and router
    – Logitech computer speaker system (2 speakers + subwoofer)
    – HP printer
    – Telephone
    – Misc office supplies

    Assembly required a bit of skill, but wasn’t difficult for me since I’m “mechanically inclined.” It’s a bit more difficult than… say… assembling an Ikea desk. So, if you’re not naturally good at this sort of thing (or just don’t like it), recruit a friend who is. It’s also helpful to have another person around simply to help hold things, but it’s not 100% necessary. I was able to assemble this by myself without too much difficulty.

    Great customer service too. The company actually reached out to me after my order to let me know that their warehouse is here in Phoenix–about a 20 min drive from my house. They gave me the option to go pick it up in-person and avoid chipping costs (and waiting time), which was great.

    Great product. Great company. Highly recommended.

  7. Best thing I ever did for my back…..add a foam pad for standing.

  8. Desk came in the mail today via UPS. Box itself was quite small – a few feet long and wide, and 8 or so inches deep, if that. Not too heavy either – around 50 lbs. All pieces were present, no problems there.

    Assembly was easy, with well-documented instructions, and all necessary tools – for desk frame assembly – were present. Only thing missing was a screwdriver to secure the desk surface, but that is no issue. The pieces were easy to assemble, and could be done alone.

    I’m 6’2″, and the desk is definitely tall enough for me. Cranking it up and down is easy enough.

    All told, great desk. 5/5.

  9. Great desk. Best desk I have ever had.

  10. So far it’s been the greatest desk ever. A friend of mine bought a discounted desk like this from another company which was motorized and on sale for less than the price I paid for this one. When I saw his table though, I didn’t miss it at all. In my opinion my desk is a better product than the other one.

    I don’t sit down. My back feels great and I burn more calories than sitting.

  11. Really high quality table. It moves up and down very smoothly.

  12. Easy to assemble, just follow the instructions. It takes a little elbow grease but not too much. Very pleased. I have used the desk now for about a month and it is stable, rigid and can support a decent amount of weight…my desk top weighs over a 140 lbs and the desk has no problem raising and lowering, or holding the weight. Quality!

  13. Great product. Stable, durable, easy to assemble. I’ve used several standing desks and this is one of the better builds. The open frame comes with wood screws and holes, which made it easy to add the amazing tabletop.

  14. After 3+ plus months of everyday use, I am still in love with this desk. I raise and lower the desk multiple times everyday and it has never had problems and is still very sturdy. I lean my elbows on it while standing and the desk is unaffected.

  15. Packaging was excellent, all the parts were well made, the desk support works well and meets my needs.

  16. Perfect for use as a dining room table/craft table. We live in a small townhouse and needed both hobby table and a dining table when we have guests…this works great!

  17. Love the table!! I am a medical student and the countless hours of sitting and studding were really taking it out of me. Standing honestly makes me pay more attention to early morning online lectures as well as focus longer while studying (time passes quicker somehow). Set up took about 20-30 minutes and was very easy.

    Overall, the table seems to be made well and I love it. Defiantly worth it and have already suggested it to multiple classmates.

  18. Love it
    Customize size to fit your space, nice!
    My wife got an electric version a few months after I got this. Sit stand is the way to go.
    The heavier the top the more stable your table.

  19. Wow!

  20. This desk is awesome! It took about 20 minutes to put together with very basic tools. It takes me about 30 seconds to crank it from the bottom to full height. I do wish it went an inch or two higher, and may put some boards under the feet, but I’m pretty tall (6′ 2″) so this may not be a problem for most people. The frame itself is very sturdy, I don’t have any worries of it breaking from normal use, or even being moved. If I need another adjustable desk, I will definitely be taking a look at this one again.

    There are also some extra holes in the T bars where the desk top mounts to, I used these to hang a section of house gutter to store all of my cables and power strips in so they aren’t hanging down behind the desk. These holes made it very easy to do bolt the parts to it.

  21. This desk is part of a setup i spent the better part of a year planning. understanding a good table is an investment – i chose this desk base for two main reasons:
    – expandability, while i have a smaller surface area in my apartment – when i’m ready for a larger desktop this base will accommodate
    – movement, i don’t move the desk up or down often and this desk makes adjustments painless

    The desk looks great.

    my rig:
    24 inch monitor, apple mac mini desktop and charging cables. i use a full qwerty wired apple keyboard and a grifiti slim pad wrist pad. for my magic mouse i use a 3m mouse pad. both of these are extremely thin and keep a low profile but increase overall comfort. i built a box with a lazy susan to provide a swivel for my monitor to adjust (left, right and keep at eye level) and inside of the box i bought a high amperage Anker 5 port USB charger to create a usb charging station. this results in all my wires being concealed, the desk looking very clean when not in use and these accessories tie it all together.

    as far as the desk goes, it’s utilitarian and that’s what i wanted. i also purchased a Muvman sit-stand stool, which is the perfect chair/perch. i also purchased a Cumulus9 Comfort Mat to stand on, barefoot. the muvman combined with the cumulus and multitable are perfect together. i keep a small bookcase beneath the desk for speakers/printers/cpu/etc…the resulting finished product is minimal yet practical for every day use.

  22. This is a well-designed and built product. I like its simplicity, ease of use and straightforward assembly.
    At sitting and standing height, it’s quite stable.
    The price point was awesome, and I’ve read complaints about more expensive desks that do the same thing. Even the one I covet – the $1500+ NextDesk Terra.
    This desk was perfect, and the price was amazing.

  23. This table arrived very well packaged and was a snap for me to put together by myself. The components are very well constructed (all metal except for the plastic gear and handle). All the screws lined up well. The desk works smoothly and the height variation is perfect for sit to stand. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for an adjustable table!

  24. After visiting Dwell convention in Los Angeles and visiting their booth some years back, I’ve drooled and dreamed over the thought of owning my very own crankfest turbo desk! The treadmill seemed pretty hokey, but it grabbed the attention at least.

    Due to the numerous benefits, I haven’t had a normal sit down desk in a few years. Along my path of transition, I tried a few cheap alternatives…desks that never achieved a proper height needed (not super tall, but at 6’2 I found hunching would be needed), desks that wobbled more than Gilligan at the helm of the S.S. Minnow or desks that were just ultimately a basic hazard (stacked bricks sans mortar ftw). I finally accepted the fact that I needed to pay some decent coin for a well made product.

    Shut up and review. Well made steel frame, no wobbles, easy to adjust up and down (even with loaded weight of 27″ monitors and Cintiq tablet). I was concerned it would be a little top heavy at max height…nope !

    I won’t get into all the health benefits of standing while you work (I believe in your ability to googles), but I will say this…I most enjoy being able to booty shake while tweaking my nurbs and vector paths without needing to hunch over. That’s reason alone for 5 stars in my book.

  25. The first week sucked. The second week sucked less. The third week, I realized I had ordered the one with the crank and should use it more often. That week I started living this purchase. Works and looks great.

  26. does everything i need it too. ultra sturdy and fun to use

  27. Assembly was fairly straight forward. Give yourself an hour or so. Iโ€™m using this for an office desk with a 2ft x 5ft table top. I have a dual monitor stand clamped to the back edge of the table supporting 27โ€ monitors. I find the base to be very stable in a raised position and can comfortably lean forward against the table top without the whole setup shaking. If someone bumps the table, the setup will shake, but it is very sturdy and nothing to worry about. Raising and lowering the stand is very easy. I estimate that my base is supporting around 100 lbs.

  28. I really like this desk. I’m using it right now as I write this. It’s easy to move up and down. It can accommodate many different table sizes and wasn’t too hard to put together. The instructions were good enough and took about a “distracted” hour to setup.

  29. Solid, well conceived and engineered standing desk frame. This is not a cheap piece of machinery. Instructions were clear and concise and components were simple yet made of high quality materials. I would recommend this desk highly.

  30. Love it!!!! Very easy to raise and lower. Also really easy to assemble. If you have reasonable coordination, one person can assembly this on their own.

  31. What can I say other than the product fits my needs perfectly. I love it. The table legs arrive is a study, professionally-packaged cardbord box, A great start. Pretty easy to assemble, high-quality fasteners and finish on the legs. It takes a good hour to unpack and assemble and some additional time to fasten a table top on it. As long as you tighten the bolts properly, the legs are very sturdy, even when I raise the table a good 4 ft. So five stars to MultiTable!

  32. Excellent adjustable table. I have been wanting an adjustable sit/stand table for a while. I was looking for something that would also not break the bank. While this table is by no means inexpensive, it was one of the least expensive full-size adjustable table leg systems I found and very highly rated. The high ratings are well deserved.

    * I am approximately 6’2″ and this table rises to a comfortable standing height with room to spare
    * I have used the table at sitting height as well with both a traditional straight back chair and an exercise ball and the table adjusts to suitable heights for those as well
    * I have used the table while riding an exercise bike (road bike with an inside trainer attachment) as well, and while it is a close fit, the bike fit underneath the table and it the table top was a at a comfortable height
    * Moves from lowest to highest in about 25 full cranks (approximately 20 seconds)
    * I have 2 very large monitors (25″ each), laptop and dock, phone, keyboard, mouse, 2 routers, and an additional 11″ laptop device on the desk with plenty of room to spare

    Everything I was looking for in an adjustable table and very happy with the purchase

  33. I decided I wanted the option to stand at my work desk, where I’m on the computer for hours and hours a day. After considering DYI’ing something (lots of plans online if you look for ergonomic/sit-stand desks), I kept coming back to this desk.

    I decided the cost was worth the investment (I bought this for myself to use at work, after failing to get approval for my employer to pay for something like it), and ordered this desk. I got it in two days.

    Dismantling my old wooden desk (they put those things together well, let me tell you) and keeping that top, which is 60″ x 34″ (and pretty heavy), I assembled this base by myself in about an hour (wasn’t too bad, instructions are straight forward and tools are included) and mounted my old wooden desktop on it (that was less easy, solo). Mounting screws for the desktop came with the base, and presto, I had an adjustable desk!

    Now I did lose all of the storage space I had in my old desk, and you need to factor in the space/distance from walls, length of power and ethernet cords, etc when it comes to adjusting the height of the desk. While cranking the desk up and down takes a little effort, it’s plenty manageable, and I actually find myself rarely sitting at it now (I’ve used it at work for nearly two months now). But, I’m glad it is adjustable, as it’s very fine-tunable. I got an anti-fatigue mat to stand on at my desk, and for that I adjusted the height up maybe and inch or so.

    So, if you’re considering an adjustable height desk, this base makes it pretty easy to make it happen, for a reasonable price too.

  34. This is a wonderful, solidly constructed base. As far as I know, you won’t find a sturdy, reliable sit-stand desk at a better price than this one.

    The width of the base is adjustable to support a variety of table sizes. This is nice because if you decide you need a smaller or bigger desk later, you can just buy a new top.

    Assembly from beginning to end probably took about 2 hours. This shakes more during height adjustment than the electronic sit-stand desk I used at my work before, but not enough to cause any concern for a standard computer.

    If you spend 8 hours a day sitting at a desk and are thinking about getting one for your health, do it. There’s lots of evidence that sitting all the time is bad for you, even if you exercise regularly. I also find I don’t get as sleepy when I mix sitting with some standing, so I’m more productive.

  35. Sitting behind a desk all day is not good for anyone, so the ability to switch quickly between standing and sitting is a real life saver. After plenty of research and sticker shock at the cost of adjustable work desks, I decided to give this flextable a try.

    This base is rock solid. I have several monitors and my laptop atop the table along with the usual junk that inevitably accumulates and I have no problem raising and lowering the work surface. Everything simple moves up and down with the push of a button.

    It takes about 20 seconds to move from my seated to my standing height, so I often switch between the two several times a day. I especially like to raise the work surface to the standing position in the afternoon when drowsiness sets in and makes it hard to stay focused otherwise.

    Rather than getting an expensive hardwood table top from the local swedish big box furniture store, I ordered the laminate top from MultiTable which fit perfectly and makes for a beautiful adjustable desk.

  36. Bought this some time ago. Still works great. Solid build quality and the price can’t be beat.

    If you don’t want to spend the full price for an expensive electric desk and have a desktop you’ve gotten attached to, then this is your stand.

  37. I’ve had this desk at the workplace and it’s great.

  38. I work from home on the computer every day, very long hours. Saw some reviews about the health benefits of the stand-up desk and have been wanting to give it a try for some time but hesitated because of the cost. Finally pulled the string on this one a few weeks ago and couldn’t be happier. This thing is rock solid. I’m 6’2″ and mine’s raised to the max (47″). It doesn’t wobble at ALL. Super easy up and down, too. Looking forward to seeing the health benefits.

  39. I LOVE this desk! I got the wheel kit so that I can get a change of scenery around the house. I know there are a bunch of expensive electric ones out there, but I’m always worried about the lifespan of things with too many moving parts. This is a simple mechanism that’s easy to use. It only takes about 10 cranks to get it from sitting to standing. I’m honestly considering buying another one for my workplace.

  40. This desk is just what I was looking for. Quality is very good, stable, looks good. Had someone put it together for me as am not good with that kind of thing. VERY happy with this purchase!

  41. Excellent solution…extremely satisfied with the fit and finish of the product. Has created a lot of interest from my co-workers, a lot more orders on the way most likely. ๐Ÿ™‚

  42. Unfortunately the first one I ordered arrived slightly damaged. The packaging is efficient, but the corners don’t offer much protection if this heavy package is dropped on any of the corners. Assembly is pretty straight forward, the instructions were great. I got the black base, and the color is a solid black (the picture makes it look almost gunmetal gray). I don’t adjust it at all as I bought it solely for a standing desk, I just couldn’t find a desk with the exact height I needed. Other reviews say the table wobbles the higher it is lifted, but under normal use, it doesn’t wobble at all for me. I use two monitors and raising/lowering the desk is very quiet – pretty much non-existent if you go slow. And for me it takes maybe 10-15 seconds to lower it from top to bottom. I’d recommend this to anyone that wants a good quality standing desk.

  43. Pretty great product. Worth it considering there are very few others like this available. The small “set screws” that must be tightened, using the small allen wrench, are very tough to get in – I thought my little wrists were going to snap before the screws were fully tightened). Aside from that installation is pretty much a breeze and cranking the handle is great – takes a little effort of course but not bad at all. I move mine up and down 1-2 times per day.

  44. This is a gem. It is beautifully constructed, goes together with ease and operates like a dream. I bought it with the top and made a custom drawing board/shelves/ light table to go on it. Sometimes I raise it up and down just for the pleasure of experiencing how beautifully the mechanism works. I wish I had gotten one of these years ago.

  45. I thought I was going to need to spend a grand to get a good quality sit/stand desk. At half that price, the multiTable is a great value. Assembly took me about an hour. The hardest part was adding the tabletop. The lift mechanism works very well. I can go from sitting to standing in a matter of seconds. Best of all, working while sitting or standing feels the same as far as sturdiness. Overall, this is a great desk at a great price, and when you compare it against other sit/stand options, its a very good deal.

  46. Not much to add to all the other positive reviews! Love it! Simple to use and assemble and it works flawlessly!

  47. I’ve been shopping standing desks for months and somehow missed this, which by the reviews seems to be the clear leader in the adjustable desk category. Since they had a desktop sized perfectly for my work area already, it was a no-brainer to make this choice.

    1: Quality. The build quality is excellent, everything is extremely sturdy steel and solid as a rock. And I love little engineering touches that demonstrate whole-product thinking like the fact that all the fasteners used to assemble the frame and attach the mechanism are identical – only one kind of fastener included, only one tool required. (There is a set of 4 small set screw used to tighten the rod under the table that are by necessity a smaller fastener and there is a wrench included for those, but they come in place and only need to be tightened.)

    2: Support: I didn’t find a small plastic cosmetic piece used to cover a fastener in the handle, and called the customer service number to see about getting one sent. No interactive voice system, just a guy named Ian who picked up the phone, was super friendly and helpful and promised to get one out that day. A few minutes later I found the part, and discovered that one of the drive shaft rods was a little bent, which I suspected may have happened when I tried to one-person a two-person assembly operation. I called and let Ian know about finding the piece and maybe damaging the rod, and he asked me to send a picture of the rod. I sent a video because it showed the bend better, and Ian picked up on a sound he didn’t think was right in the video. His engineers told him the rod was not bent to a degree that it would matter, but to be safe, he sent a new assembly for that, as well as a replacement handle assembly because of the sound. I was able to use the desk fine in the mean time, and the pieces were as easy to swap out as the desk was to assemble. Sound gone, and I’m impressed with MultiTable’s committment to quality and customer experience.

    Several times Ian mentioned that they would rather err on the side of caution to ensure that I had a great experience with the product, and they absolutely did. I’ve never had better customer service.

    3: Value. What I wanted in a standing desk: Professional, clean design, high quality build, easily adjustable from sitting to standing, and a desktop that utilized my workspace as perfectly as my stationary desk. I got all those things for under $500 by keeping my current desktop. I was begrudingly expecting I might have to spend 3-5 times as much, given the pricing on the power desks.

    Cranking this desk is easy, and anyone without unusual physical limitations should be able to move it from shortest to tallest in the 15 seconds claimed with relative ease. Unless you have a shared workspace and can really get value out of an advanced feature like customizable height settings, and a corporate budget with willingness to spend to make your employees feel valued like royalty (all good things, just maybe don’t apply to most of us) or some serious physical limitations, I think it would be a waste of resources to spring for another thousand bucks for an equal quality power desk. The incremental benefit can’t compare with other places you could put the money.

    Count me in as an evangelist.

  48. I ordered the desk about 1 month ago, and have been using it every day, since.
    When I ordered the frame, it arrived promptly with free shipping, which amazed me. It weighs 60 or so pounds!
    I now have the best desk… and maybe the last desk… I’ll ever buy.

    The frame has very sturdy construction, with the exception of the crank handle. The well coated steel feels sturdy enough to hold much more than advertised.
    It works great.
    It could go about an inch or ยฝ inch lower, to work better with one of my chairs, but with other chairs it works fine.

    I can proudly suggest this adjustable frame desk as the best value on the market… as long as you can fashion your own table top. ๐Ÿ™‚

  49. For a change a product that turns out to be better than impressions from photos. Good solid well made. I have had motorized desk for 15 years at workplace. The motor is a nice addition! And in reality in keeping with the concept of doing something good for your health, obviously its better to use the crank a few times a day than to press a button, but it’s fast and stable with the motor.

    The table is easy to assemble, and putting the top on is easy as well.

    So I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the desk at all.

  50. After researching a ton of sit stand desks and seeing how expensive they were, I landed on the FlexTable. I didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg and when it’s in place it’s solid as a rock.
    Setting it up was super easy and took about 45 minutes. The build quality is very solid for the most part. Everything is powder coated metal and the finish looks very nice.
    + Price compared to other sit stand desks is very competitive
    + Build quality is great
    + The finish is a super nice matte black that doesn’t scratch easily
    – Thing is still expensive compared to stationary desks
    – Plastic parts
    – Top was extra. You’re spending $399 on a desk frame so having a piece of junk as a top would just be dumb in my mind.
    I get a lot of compliments on the table, but people are ALWAYS surprised when I tell them it costs nearly $500 for the metal parts. For me it’s definitely worth it.

    I’m a normal height and weight 26 year old graphic designer and I typically stand for about 5 hours a day and sit for 3. This thing has made my back feel soooo much better. Sitting down is not good for you yadda yadda, but the fact is I feel much better at the end of the day if I stand for a few hours while working.

  51. It was not hard to install; it took me <2hrs to dismantle my old desk and install this base (I took my time – measure twice, cut once…). I repurposed my 63" x 24" x 1" slab desktop and am typing on it now. It is a solid product and works as advertised. I installed my keyboard tray and am typing on it with the desk surface cranked to 45" high.

  52. Very sturdy legs, adjusts up and down with very little noise. I have used the table for a few months now and I love the flexibility of being able to stand or sit down when I work.

  53. I bought the stand up desk from Multitable and it looks great. I’m so pleased i save hundreds using this piece and the multi table instead of the many other desks that are out there. I’m sure they’re all good, but I have a beautiful and very easy to operate solution and saved around $1500 on the deal.

    It all went together so easily. Save yourself the money and get this excellent solution. Stand up for a while to work and you’ll enjoy the flexibility of moving around.

  54. From a guy who usually buy his furniture from Ikea, this table is a great price. It’s worth every penny. The construction is very solid, you get what you paid for.

    I’ve lost a couple of pounds just by standing up more instead of sitting all day. Highly recommended for those looking for a healthier life style.

  55. I purchased this about 2 mos ago and I can honestly say I love this desk!!! Adjusted the width to 60″ (the top is 60 x 24). The base is adjustable to Min and Max Table Top sizes of 24″ x 40″ to 36″ x 72″. I start out in the morning at standing height, sometimes stand for the better part of the day. Then I adjust down as the day wears on and I get over-cooked at my job, and by the end of the day, I’m at 29″ (sitting height). The motor mechanism is smooth, quiet and after a lot of lifting, still tight and works incredibly well. It was well worth the money. I can put it at any height and it prevents repetitive motion strain. I also bought a gel mat to stand on, as it is not good for you to stand on a hard surface all day. In fact, more than just standing, a person really needs to move around every 30 mins or so, and because you are already standing, it is easy to do this. It took less than an hour to put together using the hardware & tools included. The hardware is good quality, not cheap screws you get with some furniture. I highly recommend this desk.

  56. I am 6′ 4″ and this desk is perfect for me. It goes low enough I can use it with an exercise ball and it goes high enough that I can stand withe my elbows at a 90 degree angle. The construction is very solid. Fully extended with dual monitors it is very stable,

  57. The build quality of this desk seems to be pretty good (heavy duty parts, proper alignments, etc).
    If you’re considering buying this desk, I’d recommend it for sure. The price can’t be beat.

  58. I got the silver base and it looks and works great. Assembly is very quick and easy. I also added a cable management tray to the back of the desk. The cable management is handy so a bunch of cables are not dangling off the desk when raising and lowering it. When the desk is raised it has much cleaner lines too. I plan to hide the black cable behind one desk leg and connect a white extension to it so it will look a little better. Mounting the table top is very easy. The MultiTable desk came with holes already aligned, so I didn’t even need to pre-drill the holes. I lined up the base (upside down) over the table top and twisted in the screws by hand in about 10 minutes. Great desk!

  59. You have to be a little bit handy to assemble this thing, but it is not too tough and goes together fairly quickly. I have been using this thing for about a month and I am very happy. It raises up or down in seconds when you want to sit or stand. The quality is very high. I was worried that maybe I would not use it but I do. I raise it up first thing and usually spend most of the morning standing. I don’t even think about it after a few minutes. I feel much better at the end of the day. If you have a desk job, I highly recommend you invest in this. It also happens to be the most economical option I could find.

  60. I fitted the base with a solid oak work top and it works great….Easy to adjust the height and it is really stable while standing…..

  61. Simply an excellent product to use for assembling you’re standing work station. I also did not find this product during my initial search. I decided to give it one more search to find a base that met my desired outcome. And I could not be any more happier to have found the MultiTable FlexTable Adjustable base. I’ve completed my workstation with a treadmill and the desk is solid while walking. This is a great product, and I highly recommend it.

  62. I purchased five of these for my startup. They are very solid and stable. We use the MultiTable desktop and even with my violent typing the desk doesn’t vibrate at all. One of my co-workers and I have a bet who can loose the most weight in one month. I’m hoping 10 pounds or more.

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FlexTable Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk Specs

FlexTable Electric Standing Desk Frame

FlexTable Hand Crank Standing Desk Specs

FlexTable Hand Crank Standing Desk Frame

Fast shipping* is available within the contiguous United States.

Flat rate shipping is offered for orders shipping to Canada, Hawaii and Alaska.

Most orders will ship within 1-3 business days; weekends and holidays excluded. For orders shipping within the contiguous United States, please allow a transit time of 1-5 business days once your order has left the MultiTable warehouse.

Same day shipping may be available for small orders if placed before 12PM MST.

Please contact the MultiTable Customer Service Team at 855-469-6858 or CustomerService@MultiTable.com for more information.

MultiTableยฎ FlexTable Electric or Hand Crank Standing Desk Frame Dimensions:

Size: H 27 ยฝโ€ โ€“ 45 โ…žโ€, W 39 ยฝโ€ โ€“ 55 ยฝโ€, D 23 ยผโ€
Height Adjustable Range: 27 โ…โ€ – 45 โ…žโ€
Height Adjustable Range w/ Top: 28 โ…œโ€ – 46 โ…โ€
Width Adjustable Range: 43โ€ – 67โ€
Width Adjustable Range w/ Small Top: 39 โ…›โ€ – 63 โ…›โ€
Top Support Depth: 23 โ…โ€
Foot Depth: 29 ยฝโ€
Total Weight Capacity: 140 lbs.
*Wheel Kit adds 2 ยฝโ€ height to the desk.

Min/Max Desk Top Dimensions:

These are the recommended desk top sizes for our FlexTable Electric or Hand Crank Standing Desk:

Without Wheel Kit
Small: W 24โ€ x L 40โ€
Medium: W 24โ€ x L 48โ€
Large: W 29″ x L 57″
Extra Large: W 29″ x L 72″

With Wheel Kit*
Small: W 24โ€ x L 40โ€
Medium: W 24โ€ x L 48โ€
Large: W 29″ x L 57″

Custom Desk Tops
Min: W 24โ€ x L 40โ€
Max: W 36โ€ x L 72โ€

*Wheel kit not recommended for desk tops 72″.