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The Mod-E Pro ​Electric Adjustable Height L-Shaped Standing Desk

The MultiTable Mod-E Pro Electric L-Shaped Height Adjustable Standing Desk is quality engineered to be today’s most advanced height adjustable l-shaped desk available.

Now you have every advantage to both expand your entire work surface to 50% larger than today’s standard desk and raise and lower it at ​your command. Powered by technologically enhanced triple strong and quiet motors, the desk surpasses the industry standard with a quieter, faster and smoother transition from 21.6” to the height of 47.7” in a matter of seconds.

The powder-coated frame is configured for maximum durability, integrating automotive-grade steel components flawlessly designed for optimal performance. Adaptable to any modern office environment, the L-shaped desk return is interchangeable from left to right. Just a few simple adjustments to the desk frame offer you the added flexibility and freedom to redefine your workstyle.

Upgrade your life with a premium l-shaped desk that is ergonomically designed to help you live longer and healthier and get far more done everyday.


  • Height adjustment range: 26.1″ | Low: 21.6″ | High: 47.7″
  • Three-step frame is 33% faster than two-step frames
  • Reversible frame can be used left or right return
  • Super smooth and fast adjustment speed at 1.4″ second
  • Extremely quiet engineering at <45 db(A)
  • Free digital keypad with three memory settings
  • “Soft-Start” and “Soft-Stop” features for smooth movement
  • Roll-stamped steel frame for superior strength and stability
  • Fine powder coat finish for maximum durability
  • Anti-collision safety – Exceeds BIFMA x5.5 – ADA compliant
  • Base lifting capacity: 330 lbs.
  • 30-day guarantee + zero risk return
  • 5-year limited warranty

*NOTE: The MultiTable Mod-E Pro Electric L-Shaped Height Adjustable Desk is not compatible with the MultiTable Wheel Kit.

Premium L-Shaped Table Tops:

  • High quality Wilsonart® or Prism® Thermally Fused Laminate (TFL)
  • 100% post-industrial recycled/recovered content
  • Extremely Durable, Stain Resistant, Water Resistant, and Surface Wear Resistant
  • Includes Two Table Tops:
  • Long Side: 29” X 72“ X 3/4”
  • Return Side: 24” X 40“ X 3/4”
  • Overall Desk Size: 72″ x 69″
  • All holes are predrilled for easy assembly and perfect alignment
  • TFL Laminate Panels are GREENGUARD CERTIFIED
  • Crafted in-house by Our Experts
  • Made in The USA

11 reviews for The Mod-E Pro ​Electric L-Shaped Standing Desk

  1. I also have a Jarvis electronic standing desk from Ergodepot. This desk is by far superior. Overall, I like MultiTable because I prefer the l-shaped desk and MultiTable goes higher and lower. This desk is great and I think anybody who purchases it will be very happy.

  2. My office has never looked better. The multitable l-shaped is a true work of art. It has 3 whisper quite motors and the desk raises so smoothly it doesn’t even spill my full cup of coffee. As promised, multitable has delivered a truly exceptional desk, and the super friendly customer service helped me with all my questions. Easy to assemble and delivered fast for free. Very very happy with multitable.

  3. I bought this table because it was the best sit/stand workstation I could find that looked like it could replace my sit down desk. My profession requires me to spend long hours at a computer with large monitors, and I cannot spend the whole time sitting without imperiling my health.

    Allow two weeks for delivery. Mine came early.

    I was pleasantly surprised when the desk arrived in two neat boxes, and the top was light compared to the box with the base. The box with the base can give you a hernia. Do not move the box, rather have the nice UPS man with his hand truck put it inside your front door, open it, and then cart the pieces to your assembly area.

    You will need two people for the assembly, preferably neither one of them you. The assembly is straightforward. Also, the base is width adjustable. If you bought a pre-drilled table top, USE A TAPE MEASURE to measure the pre-drilled hole width in the top, and then make sure the mounting points in the base match this width. I of course did not do this and had the pleasure of loosening and then re-tightening the drive shaft.

    The thing is remarkably easy to raise and lower. Also looks far more classy than I ever dreamed.

    Seven stars.

  4. Anyone looking for a adjustable Height Desk go with this one! I’m a professional freelance graphic designer and I spend 10+ hours at home working. I decided to purchase this desk because sitting all day was horrible for my body. Now I stand 8 hours a day as I work and I love it!

    The desk is also very sturdy! It holds my 27″ monitor, 17″ laptop, my printer and other accessories. In my down time when I want to watch a movie all I do is lower the desk to coach level.

  5. Best desk ever. Don’t even think about it, just buy it. It is truly worth every single penny.

  6. This table is the perfect ergonomic device that will save your back. i’ve found most of my back aches stem from 8 hours of sitting down. The human body wasn’t designed to be in a chair for 8 hours. I’ve found I’ve invested too much money on high end office chairs when the solution turned out to be an adjustable desk. Your core muscles will feel much stronger and your back will no longer be compressed at the lumbar region. I met these guys at the Dwell conference and tried the desk for myself. I went from a skeptic to a believer in a few minutes. I felt a lot more productive working in a standing position rather than a seated one. The better posture from a standing position helped me feel much more engaged and alert. I don’t feel the lethargy from sitting on a chair all day.

    After decades of working at a traditional desk, i found the ability to adjust the heights rather invaluable. Some days I want to work standing up. Other days, I rather sit. The Multitable does both very adeptly. It takes seconds to readjust with the switch.

    it helps to change up your daily work position. I freaking love this desk.

  7. Oh yeah this desk rocks. Make sure you tighten the screws really tight or you will have a little bit of a wobble. I’m 6′ and this raises high enough to accommodate my height. ?
    There is a little wobble with the monitor on the desk when you raise it, but not enough to notice.
    They say sitting is the new smoking so make sure you stand!

  8. I got this to experiment with a switch to a standing desk. While I primarily stand now all the time – this gives me the option to lower the desk down if I need to sit for some reason, especially for meetings. The lift mechanism is smooth and solid, and even raised to full-heights – the desk is very stable.

  9. Perfect for those with back problems — I bought this product mainly because it allowed me to stand will crafting. To be honest I wasn’t sure what to expect since there were no reviews on Amazon yet.
    I was pleasantly surprised that not only did my back feel a whole lot better, I was able to get more done. The table is very sturdy as my cats who’ve jumped on top of it will attest too ;). I can use it for making cards, with embossing powders that require high heat, jewelry making, and embossing on metal with pretty heavy hammer. This table has withstood it all!
    The adjustable height is easy to use if someone else in your home needs to raise or lower it.
    Another surprise was that I could store my plastic stacks of crafting drawers underneath it and still use a stool if I wanted!
    I love mine and would happily recommend it to anyone, crafters or not.
    Hope that helps you decide!

  10. Great build quality, and it goes up and down so quietly. I have no complaints for the price. I honestly don’t think there are better standing desks out there. Maybe in a few months I’ll upgrade with a double monitor arm system.

  11. Easy to assemble if you know your tools and down mind putting things together.
    Sturdy enough to handle an iMac, two Cinema Displays, and two lamps plus plenty space left for all my projects and papers.
    No shake as I bring it up and down.
    T-minus 3 hours in and loving the ability to go from standing to sitting.

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MultiTable Mod-E Pro L-Shaped Ergonomic Standing Desk Frame

Mod-E Pro L-Shaped Height Adjustable Standing Desk Frame


Fast shipping* is available within the contiguous United States.

Most orders will ship within 10-14 business days; weekends and holidays excluded. For orders shipping within the contiguous United States, please allow a transit time of 1-5 business days once your order has left the MultiTable warehouse.

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MultiTable Mod-E Pro Electric L-Shaped Frame Dimensions:

Size: H 21.6” – 47.7”, W 42.7” – 71”, D 23”
Height Adjustable Range: 21.6” – 47.7”
Height Adjustable Range with Table Top: 22.4” – 48.5”
Width Adjustable Range: 42.7” – 71”
Top Support: 19.7”
Foot Depth: 23″
Total Weight Capacity: 330 lbs.

MultiTable Mod-E Pro L-Shaped Motor Details:

Voltage: 120 volts 10A 60HZ
Speed: 1.4″ per second
Stroke: 26″
Noise Level: <45 dB(A)

Min/Max Table Top Dimensions:

These are the recommended table top sizes for The MultiTable Mod-E Pro L-Shape Desk Frame by MultiTable:

Small Desk Top: 24” X 40“ X 3/4”
Medium Desk Top: 24” X 48“ X 3/4”
Large Desk Top: 29” X 57“ X 3/4”
Extra Large Desk Top: 29” X 72“ X 3/4”
Custom Desk Tops: Min. 24” X 60” X 3/4” – Max. 36” X 84” X 3/4″
Minimum: 48″ x 48″ (Overall)
Maximum: 84″ x 84″ (Overall)

*Wheel Kit Not Recommended with MultiTable Mod-E Pro L-Shaped Standing Desk