The Mod-E2 ​Electric Standing Desk

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Height Adjustable Desk Memory Preset Free MultiTable

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The MultiTable® Mod-E2 Electric Adjustable Height Standing Desk

An exceptional standing desk at a fair price. The Mod-E2 Electric Standing Desk features simple, clean lines that blend with any office design. It is engineered and designed to give users the flexibility to sit or stand at their desk with the touch of a button. The MultiTable® Mod-E2 Electric Adjustable Height Standing Desk includes two motors allowing ultra smooth height adjustment while supporting a broad range of worksurface weights.

The powder-coated frame was designed for maximum durability and longevity with automotive-grade steel components and superior quality parts for optimal performance. Just a few simple adjustments to the desk frame offer you the added flexibility and freedom to redefine your workstyle and work 100% ergonomically and healthier.

Every frame also includes a digital programmable switch with 3 memory settings, and the keypad can also slide under the table top to store out of the way. Set your ultimate ergonomic work height and switch from sitting to standing effortlessly throughout your day. The Mod-E2 will make that possible for many years to come.


  • Height adjustment range: 17.3″ | Low: 26.1″ | High: 43.4″
  • *Width adjustment range: 30.8″ – 47″ or 42.9″ – 71″
  • Super smooth and fast adjustment speed at 1/4″ second
  • Extremely quiet engineering at <45 db(A)
  • Free digital keypad with three memory settings
  • “Soft-Start” and “Soft-Stop” features for smooth movement
  • Roll-stamped steel frame for superior strength and stability
  • Fine powder coat finish for maximum durability
  • Anti-collision safety – Exceeds BIFMA x5.5 – ADA compliant
  • Base lifting capacity: 220 lbs.
  • 30-day guarantee + zero risk return
  • 5-year limited warranty

*Note: Desks include two different frame models dependent upon your table top size. See specs.

Your Table Top:

  • High quality Wilsonart® or Prism® Thermally Fused Laminate (TFL)
  • All holes are predrilled for easy assembly and perfect alignment
  • Extremely Durable
  • Stain Resistant
  • Water Resistant
  • Surface Wear Resistant
  • 2mm Smooth Matching Edgebanding
  • 100% post-industrial recycled/recovered content
  • TFL Laminate Panels are GREENGUARD CERTIFIED
  • Crafted in-house by Our Experts
  • All Materials are Made in the USA

79 reviews for The Mod-E2 ​Electric Standing Desk

  1. Superb strength and stability. Great desk all around.

  2. Bought these tables for all my employees and have not had one complaint. Everyone is loving these desks 100%.

  3. We’ve been a Multitable customer for over 8 years now and would never think of buying elsewhere. Multitable has always been the best choice for us, and has always offered the highest quality without the high markup. They’re bulk pricing deals make them the perfect fit for our large contracts as well.

  4. I was so amazed how easy this new desk was to assemble and how nice the table top is. I have used another brand before, but had to return to MultiTable because of the noise the other sit stand desk made when it was raising or lowering. MultiTable desks are super quiet and far better looking all around.

  5. Bought this desk for my home office, but after the way I felt after 2 months of sitting and standing to work, I had to purchase these for our whole office. I feel great and have seemed to even loose a few pounds. My blood sugar has dipped, and I have so much more energy now. Great desk. I Highly recommend MultiTable.

  6. Our company bought these and I just had to have one for home. I struggled with carpal tunnel for years until I got a desk that I could adjust to my perfect height. No more pain or discomfort at work or home when typing or working on the laptop. Sitting or standing, both of my preset switches are set to the optimized ergonomic height, and I don’t even have to think about the setting when I switch from sitting to standing. The desk does it for me.

  7. This desk is working great for me. It is neat, contemporary, nice color. It is sturdy enough for my laptop/arm/25″ monitor “combo”. This desk actually makes it so much easier for me to work long hours (I am a programmer). Simple, well built, good product for the money, definitely exceeded my expectations.

  8. This is exactly what I needed in my classroom! I use it to teach while standing and sit when I wish to. No more stooping over a laptop for hours on end to read notes or type, I use it with my MacBook Pro and dual monitor arms which make it easy to read from the screens and teach. The desk is VERY sturdy and rolls easily on carpet or tile surfaces with the wheel kit I added. On carpet I don’t even need to use the wheel locks. It’s great that it works well standing (it goes high enough for someone over 6 feet tall to be comfortable) for short, medium, and tall. It works great while sitting too.

  9. I LOVE MY DESK!!! I really like that it included the memory switch, and I move it up and down more than I expected to. The table top is incredibly sturdy and spacious. During tax season, I could have 3 laptops, 2 monitors, keyboard and mouse, and tons of books all on the desktop, and the desk doesn’t budge. The white is beautiful and easy to clean with a damp paper towel. It was very easy to assemble too.

  10. I’m thrilled with this new desk. It arrived a week earlier than I expected, and I was surprised how beautiful it was when I opened the box. They helped me choose the best desk for our use and have provided excellent customer service along the way. Great quality and stunning table top. Very pleased.

  11. I love this desk! It is very stylish, sturdy, and the height adjustment is great. The size is perfect for 2 large monitors. The desktop and frame are both very high quality, and my son and I put this together in no time.

  12. We love these desks, they’re big, great quality, well designed, and lift high enough for our taller employees as well. So glad our employees are using them everyday now. Nothing but great remarks and thanks daily from everyone who works here.

  13. Easy to assemble, sturdy looks great. Holds my 2 27″ iMacs completely still without issue. Just what I needed.

  14. Delivered super fast, easy to assemble, looks and works great. Expectations were exceeded 110%.

  15. The desk is very solid, no wobble and works great with lots of room. I currently have the following sitting on the desk and its plenty big enough. (Mid-Tower Desktop Computer, 2 x 27″ LCD with Ergotron arms, Brother ADS Scanner, keyboard, mouse, phone, and a few extra items with room to spare). The table top does not bow or give when I put my full weight on it. Very impressive!

    I highly recommend this stand up desk.

  16. 5 Stars. Great desk. Lifting mechanism works well. If you want an under desk keyboard drawer – the MultiTable keyboard mouse tray with 11 inch track works perfectly – most others will not due to support beam in center of desk. Very happy with the quality and look of the desk. Top notch quality in every way.

  17. ANYONE who works at a desk a lot should have one of these! We spent days wasted researching other desks, and found Multitable had the best price, selection and record of service around. We were pleased with the quality and craftsmanship. Very nice.

  18. THIS DESK IS AWESOME! I have looked at sit/stand desks for about 2 years. Packaging-impressive and very secure. Set up/Instructions-very easy to understand and assemble. Pictures could be a little higher quality, but you don’t need pictures to put together. This is a heavy duty desk, not a light and weak desk whatsoever. Material and construction is the highest level, excellent.

  19. I don’t have much to say. My first standing table and I feel I made a great choice on selecting this model. It has plenty of space for all my items: computer, lamp, another laptop, notepad and so on. Overall, Great table and I love the option of standing or sitting. Very sturdy and clean looking.

  20. It was delivered today, so I sat down and assembled it. All screws and bolts were very easy to assemble. The desk base feels very solid! I don’t think I have to worry about it ever coming loose or wobbly because of how well all the parts fit together and how tight everything is. The motor feels and sounds very smooth, and all the buttons work on the control pad. Love the memory preset, and had it programmed in less than 5 minutes. Standing now while I write this. It’s amazing!

  21. I’m very happy with my desk. It was easy to put together. The motor works great and is nearly silent. I have a desktop computer, and 24 lb monitor sitting on this desk, and have had no issues. The presets work nicely so I have a standing present and a sitting one. My work has a model similar to this that runs about $1,500! and I like this one better. Highly recommend Multitable to anyone who asks.

  22. Great desk and a great price. I had a little problem with one of the legs when I first assembled it out of the box. I called up Multitable directly and they were extremely helpful in resolving the problem. They shipped me a new leg and two days later I had the replacement part, everything installed, and enjoying my desk. They were extremely nice about it and it was not much of an inconvenience for me. I give them 5 stars for the support, and five stars for excellent value. Desk is solidly built, parts fit together perfectly, assembly was quick and easy. I highly recommend this purchase to you.

  23. This is my first adjustable height desk! I ordered espresso large desk and got the dual monitor bracket with a cable management tray. Assembling was very easy with clear instructions, plus one person can do the entire assembly alone. A customer service is also very responsive and friendly. I am so excited to finally have adjustable height desk! Highly recommended!

  24. Easy to assemble. I added the xl tabletop, and it works great. For the price, I don’t think this can be beat. Surprisingly very stable. We love it. I would recommend this table.

  25. I have ordered 11 of these desks for the office. They are smaller and cheaper than cubicles, and they eliminate needing standing tabletop models that are clunky and awkward. You can’t beat them for the quality or price.

  26. This was a great purchase, high quality and very sturdy. Easy to change heights and re-program the switch. Love the cool looking frame and table top in maple! Have had this for about 2 months now and really pleased with it.

  27. I have just completed setting up my new desk. I love that the table top matched our office colors and was as stylish as other models which had cost us thousands of dollars in the past. My desk is also very sturdy. The legs adjust up and down very smoothly and quietly. My coffee doesn’t spill by the movement, even when it’s filled to the absolute rim.

  28. We researched all of the stand up desks available and chose this one because our art department is on the computer all day everyday and they have two screens and also needed room for papers, blueprints etc. This entire desk goes up and down with the push of a button and can be adjusted easily for a 5’11” person and a 6′ 3″ person with a button preprogrammed for each user at the desk. We just bought a second one. Also, from a price standpoint, it served our needs and was about 1/2 the price of the office design firm we used in the past. We are thrilled with the product. Assembly was relatively easy as well. we installed and assembled ours in house with no problems.

  29. Love the desk. We have purchased over 50 for our office and they delivered them in 7 days from the day we ordered. Just in time for our remodel. The electric memory switch is an added bonus. Good quality and a great discount price when we bought in bulk through the excellent sales team! No more buying from expensive office design companies. We did it ourselves with ease, and all 50 arrived with absolutely no damage or issues.

  30. Terrific find and company without a doubt. It does exactly as the product is supposed to do: provide you with a sit and stand work environment, with an automatic lift that works smoothly with the touch of a button. The design and quality is exceptional as advertised. Design is well thought-out and clean. It rises quite high (I’m 5’10” and raise it up very high–with more room to go). Sturdy and well-priced. Bottom line: great product and great customer support. A true winner for us.

  31. Love everything about it! Very clean finish and the table top is the highest quality we’ve seen through the years. Love these desks!

  32. This product works well with a the added keyboard tray underneath the desktop and twin monitors. Super stylish and looks like a million dollars.

  33. This was a great purchase, high quality and very sturdy. Easy to change heights and reprogram the switch. The desktop is smooth and very comfortable to work on. Have had this for about 2 mos now and really pleased with it.

  34. I don’t normally review things and rarely give a product a 5 star score, but these desks and this company both deserve them. I only wish I would have found multitables a long time ago and would have saved our company thousands of dollars on desks and tables that just never lasted or worked and looked as great as these.

  35. Really high quality. Assembly was fast and simple and the results are the highest quality of commercial office furniture. We bought two and they were delivered in less than 5 days! Wow again!

  36. Size, price and added memory settings convenience made it an easy choice , also it’s amazing looking.

  37. I wanted to make the switch to standing while working and at home since I currently sit all day for far too many hours. This is a great alternative to the other products which cost a little less but prove to be low quality, awkward and wobble. It accomplishes the same goal of getting you off your butt and looks a thousand times better. The increased motivation I get from standing has motivated me to start walking after work and at lunch. The desk is very solid even with it’s small footprint. I was initially worried what the quality would be like given the price, but my worries were unnecessary. The desk also goes up to the right height for me at 6’1″, and anyone who is well into the 6′ range should able to maintain an ideal posture.

  38. This desk is awesome.

  39. This frame worked better than expected! I started a new position at a software company last year that allowed me to work from home full-time. After starting, I realized that I don’t move much and really wanted a standing desk to help get me off my butt. So I looked into standing desk frames and came across this one, which has been perfect so far. The frame is really sturdy when raising up to standing height. Even when raised higher for my husband’s height, it doesn’t seem to wobble in any amount. Overall, this is a great buy for a home office! So glad I have it. I wish I got it sooner!

  40. Very steady desk and exceptional quality! Love it!

    I have been using a standing desk at work for over two years. Really like it. The company issued desk is heavy and expensive, and costs around $1500. I really wanted one for my home office. After spending much of my Black Friday weekend looking for a deal on standing desk, I decided Multitable was the best choice for me.
    The work surface has nice white finish. The edge banding is excellent and almost seamless. The desk looks better than the images and is the right size for my purposes. I clamped on two 24” monitors on a single stand to the desk, and hooked up a lot bunch of electronics. The desk depth is about 30” and is the right distance for me. It is neither too close nor too far for me to see monitors.

    This is a great-looking and well-made desk. Great value!. Definitely one of best standing desks I’ve found on the internet.

  41. I did extensive research before buying an electric height adjustable standing desk. I have no regrets with this purchase. It has a better rating, far more color options, and the company MultiTable has been around for a long long time and always kind and friendly when I call with questions.. Highly recommend.

  42. 1. The desk came quickly and was well packaged
    2. The desk was easy to assemble. I put it together in less than 30 minutes.
    3. The Mod-E2 is heavy, and doesn’t shake or knock anything off of my desk when I move it up and down.
    4. I love Multitable!. They have sit stand desks at my home office in NY, and my desk is better quality than the ones they have in the office.
    5. The desk is large enough for quad monitors and still have plenty of room.

  43. I would like to start out by saying how fast the desk arrived at my door. I ordered on Monday and got it Friday! It was extremely well packed and the larger box even had extra padding to protect the table top edges from being chipped.
    I followed the instructions and laid out everything to make sure all parts where there and followed the simple instructions. I had it put together in about an hour. Very simple.

    The desk is very solid, no wobble and works great with lots of room. Excellent!

  44. I bought this desk for my classroom. It is laminated on both sides not just veneered painted wood or particle board like many others. It is really big, quiet, sleek, gorgeous, and roomy. I love the space and I love how smoothly it converts to standing or sitting with the touch of a button. I was going to buy a similar one from a warehouse company which I was buying tables for my classroom for and they wanted $300 more for their desk and they wanted $900 shipping. This desk was nicer, cheaper and the free shipping and memory switch made it the right choice. I highly recommend this desk.

  45. This is an awesome desk. Motors are quite as described and it transitions very smoothly. Assembly was easy and their frame design is impressive.
    The memory controller is a nice feature to store my favorite sitting and standing heights for quick selection. It’s very strong and steady and securely supports my three 29” mounted monitors.

    I highly recommend this desk to anyone who is looking for an adjustable one with a larger surface and higher weight capacity.

  46. This is a great desk for the price, looks and works great and is very strong and sturdy. Their customer service is awesome, something unexpected these days. The desk arrived with no damage to the top and in one piece which is rare these days. Love the desk, I have 2 laptops on docking stations, 2 keyboards, 3 28″ monitors, phones, speakers and other assorted office equipment on it and I still have room to spare and the desk goes up and down as smoothly as it did when it was completely empty. Great desk and price was well worth it!

  47. Very big, Very nice desk! It’s exactly as advertised! Desktop feels very sturdy. I added the cable management tray and it made all the difference in the world. A power strip, all my cords, power supplies and a bunch of cables all fit in the tray and completely hid them from sight. The memory preset controller works as you would expect, much greater range of settings and easy to switch to my exact height settings made this the absolute best choice.

  48. Sturdy and lots of room for my 34 inch ultrawide monitor. Amazing! I could not be more pleased with this desk.

  49. Earned my 5 stars which is not common. Setup took an hour but was mostly straight forward and explained well. Also love the push button settings!

  50. This is a must have for anyone who works at a desk. Super adjustable and ergo friendly, great quality and solid as a rock. You will not find a better desk out there for the money and it looks better in person than in the pictures.

  51. There are a lot of standing desk options out there, but for the quality and price you really can’t beat this. We use dual monitors in our office so we needed a wide workspace and this desktop offers that. We just ordered 5 more desks for the other employees as the first was such a hit. The ease of use with the electric controls is great. Additionally the service has been great! We had some questions and an install issue initially but they responded promptly, professionally and resolved the issue with little hassle on our end and we are very satisfied with the product and will continue to order from multitable in the future when we add more employees.

  52. I had been using the Varidesk Pro for my work at home office. It was nice to be able to raise or lower, however I didn’t like having to move keyboard and mouse every time I switched. Plus, If I sat on a tall stool, I kept bruising my knees on the desk. I decided to check multitable desks again and found this one at a very reasonable price. I researched for days. I like the look of this one and the colors of tops was impressive. This one turned out to be quite sturdy and strong and that meant no shaking while I work. I have my laptop docking station, two 24″ monitors, as well as keyboard and mouse. It raises and lowers easily and fast enough for me, and I set the heights once and now don’t even have to think about it. I don’t go up and down all day, but every few days switch to sitting again. I highly recommend MultiTable if you want a quality standing desk.

  53. Love my new desk – and Multitable has great customer service. The desk showed up faster than promised and looked and performed better than we ever expected.

  54. Great design and heavy duty construction won our 5 star vote.

  55. Love this desk and Multitable! The BEST customer service ever! Highly recommend purchasing from this company!!!

  56. Spectacular. Extremely well made The packaging for shipment was excellent also. Assembly was extremely simple, and easy enough for me and my employees. Very sturdy. No structural movement whatsoever. Smooth motion. No annoying noise whatsoever. The preset height stops are very nice must haves and useful. I added the wheel kits, cable management, and monitor arms, and love the results! The motors have no trouble smoothly moving the table top, iMac and all my books and accessories up and down. I am EXTREMELY satisfied!

  57. I would like to say that the assembly instructions for this desk were truly outstanding. The instructions were written in plain English. The attention to detail on the experience of putting this desk together was noticed, and I appreciate it!
    This desk is by far the best desk I have ever had. Don’t underestimate how awesome it is to have preset heights. I use 2 of them and my husband uses the other one.

    My husband is 6′ even, and the desk goes just tall enough for him to comfortably stand and work.

    It has had a profound impact on my ability to stay focused on work and get more done without so many breaks to get up and move around. Buy this desk right now, you won’t be sorry.

  58. This desk is exactly what I was looking for. It’s extremely well constructed with high quality, heavy duty, materials. It’s solid, good looking and doesn’t wobble even when the desk is extended to full the height. The instructions are well written and easy to follow even for me. They even thought of the little things like adding cable clamps and clips to hold the wires under the desk.

    On top of this turning out to be amazing product, MultiTable is second to none as far as customer service. I sent them a few emails with questions about another desk that I ordered from them and they responded immediately. I plan to order this desk again for all new people that we hire at my company.

  59. This desk has been a life saver. My old standard desk was killing my back because I was constantly hunched over. No amount of adding height to my monitors would help, and I didn’t want to buy a large cumbersome attachment to put on top of the desk to lift up just a small desk portion. Those things are nearly $300 anyhow. So I researched and found this desk… it is solid, the color is rich and looks well made. It was super easy to assemble. Even at the tallest heights it doesn’t feel wobbly. I have been using it for 2 months, and am completely sure it was well worth the money.

  60. I have just assembled it. Instructions were simple and easy to follow, The height adjustable table is better than I expected. We will be buying many more next week.

  61. I’ve been using this for a couple of weeks now, and I use a dual monitor stand (clamp on) to hold two 29″ monitors. I have an anti-fatigue mat I stand on. Overall, I love this desk! I probably stand at the desk 1/2 of the day, and sit the rest. The desk was fairly easy to put together, and I don’t regret buying it one bit. I usually adjust the height just twice per day, and it is simple to do so, with the memory switch that was included. I wish I had purchased the optional desktop power supply for this, as I’m not finding many other options available, and I would have to cut the hole myself. For me, the 59″ desk is the perfect size. This is the same brand my company uses in their office, which is why I considered this brand first. I did look at other brands, but many of the options out there are not as high quality as Multitable, and since I was going to live with this desk in my home where everyone would see it, I chose Multitable. I’m very happy with the table and the company!

  62. Really has changed the way I feel working at a desk for 8-10 hours a day. I’m no longer stuck in same seated position for 8-10 hours a day. Easy to assemble and the up and down motors haven’t had any glitches in over 5 months of use. Looking forward to living longer and healthier with continued use!

  63. We really love our Multitable sit stand desks. Over half of our staff is now standing all day, loosing weight, and getting so much more accomplished!

  64. Our best desk purchase to date! Perfect size and beautiful finish. It’s very sturdy and super easy to assemble!

  65. Quality workmanship. My son, who is in a wheelchair finally has the perfect desk for his crafts and computer work. The memory settings allow me to also use the desk and set it for him when I leave. Safety feature ensures his legs won’t be hurt if he accidentally lowers it too low. A real bonus for us.

  66. The build quality of the frame is excellent and it moves up and down very quietly. The desk top has a nice finish and seems to support my full weight without bowing. The desk came with a programmable pad that was simple and easy to adjust and really makes going from sitting to standing that much easier. Great packaging nothing had even a scratch when it arrived. Fast shipping too.

  67. I have a sit stand desk at work and really feel better when I stand up during the day to work. I work from home often and wanted a sit stand desk there but wanted a desk that the whole top raises up and down, not a tabletop model. This desk was within my budget so I decided to give it a try. Directions were very easy to follow, and I was able to attach the frame to the desk top by myself without power tools. It operates very smoothly and is exactly what I was hoping for. Good solid construction. Does not wobble or make much noise. I am very pleased with the multitable brand.

  68. I’m very impressed with this desk. It’s very sturdy and was easy to put together in about 20 minutes. They also include the programmable up/down switch which was a very nice touch. I got this for work and my coworkers are soooooo jealous to say the least. It looks professional and screams quality , and is holds my phone, laptop, docking station, two 27″ monitors, monitor stands, and speakers with plenty of room remaining. 5 Stars is the least I could rate this Multitable.

  69. So far this has been the best purchase I have decided to do in a long time. This thing is heavy duty and super stylish! Very well made. It works great. I love it.

  70. Much nicer than I anticipated. Super easy to put together. The wheels I added are very high quality and have locks so it stays in place, the surface is really nice, and it’s a good amount of room for all my monitors, keyboards, mice and other “stuff.” I also clear it off on the weekends sometimes to work as a sewing and crafts table, and it works super well. Perfect for our home and hope our company starts adding them at work so I can stand at work as well.

  71. The best height adjustable standing computer workstation you will ever own. Get a Multitable, and you will not be disappointed.

  72. Outstanding quality, and I am much more alert while working since I purchased this desk. It is simply to adjust for height, and the programmed switch is very easy to adjust and use. I would order a wider desk, next time, because you eventually adapt to standing for completion of all of your tasks, requiring more desk space. Apart from my error in judgment, so to speak, I am extremely pleased and proud of my purchase. My office is ordering the desk too, because they are impressed with the quality, and anything to get us out of our chairs and more active, even while at work, is appreciated and necessary for good health. Buy the wheels and cable management tray so you can move it around without tangling the cables if you plan on using it in different areas of the office. It was very easy to assemble, based on all the parts, and I am not gifted with following directions. However, the finished product is outstanding and only took me less than one hour to get it right.

  73. This company goes above and beyond to make sure their desks are top quality. The customer service department and sales were extremely helpful answering questions we had and working with us to get some government discounts that really made this a sweet deal.

  74. Table is top quality in appearance and operation. The desk was delivered in about 5 days from the date we ordered it, and was extremely easy to assemble in about 30 minutes. Looks great and really adds some high class to our office. Everyone who comes in now is immediately drawn to it with questions. It’s definitely a fashion statement and conversation piece. I think it makes us look smarter 🙂 too.

  75. This is exactly what I have been looking for: a high quality sit to stand desk at a good price backed by a trustworthy company.

    I bought the xl table top with accessories, and the resulting desk works great. The base comes with wood screws for mounting a table top, so there was no additional hardware needed.

    The lifting motion is very smooth and easy. The overall construction seems very solid. The maximum height is quite high, so unless you’re a giant it’s going to be plenty.

    The minimum height is perfect for a desk. If you like quality and getting your penny’s worth, this is the right choice.

  76. I love not having to sit all day at my desk! I recommend this product, and I’m buying an additional one from this company. Read their return policy, I believe you have 30 days to return without risk if you just want to give them a try.

  77. I am currently using this with the dual monitor arms from MultiTable for my standing desk and they work together perfectly. I’m very happy with this purchase and am happy that I don’t have to worry about some proprietary electric motor dying a few years down the road and no one to call if it did. This company will be around for a long long time.

    -very solid
    -free memory preset controller
    -beautiful desktop
    -easy to assemble
    -high quality
    -looks good

  78. Awesome. I bought my first frame back in 2012 when I became fortunate enough to get a teleworking job and needed to build a proper home office. I loved it, and it has worked absolutely flawlessly for almost 6 years now.

    Heavy-duty, and very well-made. You can go from sitting height to standing height in about 5 seconds. I had mine loaded up with roughly 100lbs of computer stuff, and had no issues with raising/lowering, nor any issues with stability:

    – 27″ iMac
    – Modem and router
    – Logitech computer speaker system (2 speakers + subwoofer)
    – HP printer
    – Telephone
    – Misc office supplies

    Assembly wasn’t difficult for me since I’m “mechanically inclined.” It’s a bit more difficult than… say… assembling an Ikea desk. So, if you’re not naturally good at this sort of thing (or just don’t like it), recruit a friend who is. It’s also helpful to have another person around simply to help hold things, but it’s not 100% necessary. I was able to assemble this by myself without too much difficulty.

    Great customer service too. The company actually reached out to me after my order to let me know that their warehouse is here in Phoenix–about a 20 min drive from my house. They gave me the option to go pick it up in-person and avoid chipping costs (and waiting time), which was great.

    Great product. Great company. Highly recommended.

  79. This height adjustable desk is fantastic. It does wonders for my back and shoulders to be able to stand. Two things I can recommend for anyone with spinal stenosis. First is get an exercise ball for a chair. I would pass on the Isokinetics chair (or other ball chairs) and get a standalone ball (way more movement with the ball by itself). Do your research on this, but its simply the most comfortable chair I’ve found. Secondly, get this table and stand as much as you can. Make sure you are stretching and moving as much as possible. Keep things changing and moving with your spine. this desk has a great range for height and a preset switch, so adjusting the height throughout the day is very easy and doesn’t take any thought. I just change it so I’m comfortable. That’s it!

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MultiTable Mod-E2 Electric Standing Desk Frame Options:

These are the table top and desk frames sizes for your Mod-E2 when you purchase a MultiTable table top:

  • Small Frame with 23″ Feet = Small Table Top (24” X 40“ X 3/4”) & Medium Table Top (24” X 48“ X 3/4”)
  • Standard Frame with 29” Feet = Large Table Top (29” X 57“ X 3/4”) & Extra Large Table Top (29” X 72“ X 3/4”)

Min/Max Table Top Dimensions:

These are the recommended min/max table top sizes for The MultiTable Mod-E2 Electric Standing Desk Frame when you add your own table top:

  • Small Frame with 23″ Feet = 20” x 31” to 30” x 60” Table Top
  • Standard Frame with 29” Feet = 24” x 43” to 36” x 84” Table Top
  • Custom Desk Tops: Min. 20” X 31” X 3/4” – Max. 36” X 84” X 3/4″