MultiTable Hand Crank Height Adjustable Desk With Large White Desk Top

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The MultiTable® Hand Crank Height Adjustable Standing Desk is our most popular height adjustable standing desk. Environmentally-friendly with its manually-operated turning handle, this sit to stand up desk gives you the chance to burn even more calories during your workday. MultiTable is proud to offer a hand crank height adjustable standing desk with unparalleled performance, durability, and quality. Not to mention its sleek, contemporary style will fit flawlessly in any professional environment.

Order your MultiTable® Hand Crank Height Adjustable Standing Desk today and start living healthier by standing while working!

Standing Desk Guarantee MultiTable


  • Environmentally-friendly manual operation
  • Adjustable height range: 27.5”– 47”
  • MultiTable turning handle mechanism allows for easy and fast height adjustments
  • Two turns of handle raises or lowers your one inch
  • Ability to adjust width of height adjustable base to accommodate variety of desk tops
  • Fully customizable with our MultiTable stand up desk accessories
  • Crafted from roll-stamped steel for superior strength and stability
  • Fine powder coat finish for maximum durability
  • Five-year limited warranty
  • 30-day no risk return guarantee

Hand Crank Height Adjustable Standing Desk Frame MultiTable


  • High quality Wilsonart® Thermally Fused Laminate (TFL)
  • Stain resistant – water resistant – surface wear resistant
  • TFL Laminate Panels are GREENGUARD CERTIFIED
  • Crafted in-house by our experts
  • Made in The USA

Hand Crank Height Adjustable Standing Desk White Desk Top MultiTable

MultiTable Hand Crank Height Adjustable Desks

Hand Crank Standing Desk MultiTable

Hand Crank Height Adjustable Desk Assembly

Hand Crank Standing Desk Assembly MultiTable

MultiTable® Hand Crank Height Adjustable Standing Desk Frame Dimensions:

Size: H 27.5” – 47”, W 39 ½” – 55 ½”, D 23 ¼”
Height Adjustable Range: 27.5” – 47”
Height Adjustable Range with Table Top: 28.25” – 47.75”
Width Adjustable Range: 39.5” – 55.5”
Top Support: 23.25”
Foot Depth: 29.5”
Total Weight Capacity: 130 lbs

Desktop Dimensions:

29″ x 57″ x 3/4″

MultiTable Hand Crank Height Adjustable Standing Desk - Assembly ManualMultiTable® Hand Crank Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Assembly Brochure

Dimensions and Specifications

Dimensions & Specs

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23 reviews
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23 reviews for MultiTable Hand Crank Height Adjustable Desk With Large White Desk Top


    Quality desk...very pleased. Easy to assemble, just follow the instructions. It takes a little elbow grease but not too much. Very pleased. I have used the desk now for about a month and it is stable, rigid and can support a decent amount of desk top holds over a 100 lbs and the desk has no problem raising and lowering or holding the weight. Quality!


    Five Stars Really high quality table. It moves up and down very smoothly.


    Excellent. Better than a motorized in my opinion. So far it's been the greatest desk ever. A friend of mine bought a discounted desk like this from another company which was motorized and on sale for less than the price I paid for this one. When I saw his table though, I didn't miss it at all. I think the motor can be too slow and I prefer to have control over the crank. In my opinion my desk is a better product than that motorized one. I don't sit down. My back feels great and I burn more calories than sitting.


    Great Desk Worth Every Penny Great desk, I have this base now for over two years, I purchased a top from Ikea in Pittsburgh to fit the adjustable stand. One thing recently I noticed that the two posts became noticeably loose. I re-tightened them and I am good to go. Best desk I have ever had.


    Excellent Desk Desk came in the mail today via UPS. Box itself was quite small - a few feet long and wide, and 8 or so inches deep, if that. Not too heavy either - around 50 lbs. All pieces were present, no problems there. Assembly was easy, with well-documented instructions, and all necessary tools - for desk frame assembly - were present. Only thing missing was a screwdriver to secure the desk surface, but that is no issue. The pieces were easy to assemble, and could be done alone. I screwed a piece of wood to the top, and just like that I had a new desk. I'm 6'2", and the desk is definitely tall enough for me. Cranking it up and down is easy enough. All told, great desk. 5/5.


    Five Stars Best thing I ever did for my back.....add a foam pad for standing.


    Awesome. I bought my frame back in 2012 when ... Awesome. I bought my frame back in 2012 when I became fortunate enough to get a teleworking job and needed to build a proper home office. I topped it with a basic Ikea tabletop that I already had in the garage, and it has worked absolutely flawlessly for almost 5 years now. Heavy-duty, and very well-made. The crank is very easy to turn, and you can go from sitting height to standing height in about 8 seconds. I had mine loaded up with roughly 100lbs of computer stuff, and had no issues with raising/lowering, nor any issues with stability: - 27" iMac - Modem and router - Logitech computer speaker system (2 speakers + subwoofer) - HP printer - Telephone - Misc office supplies Assembly required a bit of skill, but wasn't difficult for me since I'm "mechanically inclined." It's a bit more difficult than... say... assembling an Ikea desk. So, if you're not naturally good at this sort of thing (or just don't like it), recruit a friend who is. It's also helpful to have another person around simply to help hold things, but it's not 100% necessary. I was able to assemble this by myself without too much difficulty. Great customer service too. The company actually reached out to me after my order to let me know that their warehouse is here in Phoenix--about a 20 min drive from my house. They gave me the option to go pick it up in-person and avoid chipping costs (and waiting time), which was great.


    Fantastic Standing Desk Base I've had one of these at work for the last 2 1/2 years and am delighted to finally have one at home too. It was simple to put together and I easily attached my old Ikea desk top. Solid. Well built. And my back couldn't be happier.


    Love it! Perfect for a sewing table - standing height for cutting, then lower it for sewing. The table top looks lovely. There are some screws with painted threads and the instructions say to turn them three times. What they mean is screw them and loosen them three times until most of the paint comes off.


    Loving my desk This is exactly what I have been looking for: a quality sit/stand desk at a good price. The base comes with wood screws for mounting a table top, so there was no additional hardware needed. The cranking motion is very smooth and easy. The overall construction seems very solid. The maximum height is quite high, so unless you're a giant it's going to be plenty. The minimum height is pretty typical for a desk. If you like to slouch you may want to add a keyboard tray, because it doesn't go insanely low.


    My second MultiTable Desk! My back and hips get tight and quite sore if I work in a sitting position for too long and, my feet don't like standing all day either. A mix of sitting and standing is perfect and your MultiTable desk allows me to do that easily. I ordered a second desk so that I can work at my computer at one of them and spread my research notes and sample drafts out on the other one...wonderful!


    Wonderful Table Legs Wonderful table legs. This unit adjusts easily, silently and smoothly. I had a maple table top made for this unit to use as an adjustable sewing/cutting table. It's terrific.


    So Affordable! Thank you for making the only affordable priced adjustable desk on the market!!! :)


    Finally I can stand! I am a graphic designer and spend a great deal of time at the computer. A little over a year ago, my knees and left sciatic nerve reached their limits for abuse and sitting became absolutely miserable. Being able to work standing as well as sitting (and walking) has made a world of difference in my life. Physical therapy exercises have me on the mend, and my ergonomic workstation has made work a pleasure again!


    Ultra Sturdy Does everything i need it too. ultra sturdy and fun to use.


    Nailed it! My hand-cranked MultiTable setup is an elegant solution, at a good price point for the home office. "Elegant" is defined as "pleasingly graceful and stylish in appearance or manner," and of a solution to a problem as "pleasingly ingenious and simple." I think MultiTable has nailed that.


    No Duck Duck Goose in my office After visiting Dwell convention in Los Angeles and visiting their booth some years back, I've drooled and dreamed over the thought of owning my very own crankfest turbo desk! The treadmill seemed pretty hokey, but it grabbed the attention at least.Due to the numerous benefits, I haven't had a normal sit down desk in a few years. Along my path of transition, I tried a few cheap alternatives...desks that never achieved a proper height needed (not super tall, but at 6'2 I found hunching would be needed), desks that wobbled more than Gilligan at the helm of the S.S. Minnow or desks that were just ultimately a basic hazard (stacked bricks sans mortar ftw). I finally accepted the fact that I needed to pay some decent coin for a well made product.Shut up and review. Well made steel frame, no wobbles, easy to adjust up and down (even with loaded weight of 27" monitors and Cintiq tablet). I was concerned it would be a little top heavy at max height...nope !I paired this with a solid wood top from IKEA (69.99 for solid wood is a great deal) and now have a desk I will have for many, many years with any luck. Please note, Multitable's tops are laminate cores...this is why I went with solid wood. I have a lot of heavy, sharp and tool'ish stuff in my office so I am always looking at durability first.I won't get into all the health benefits of standing while you work (I believe in your ability to googles), but I will say this...I most enjoy being able to booty shake while tweaking my nurbs and vector paths without needing to hunch over. That's reason alone for 5 stars in my book.


    Perfect for sit to stand This table base arrived very well packaged and was a snap for me to put together by myself. The components are very well constructed (all metal except for the plastic gear and handle). All the screws lined up well. The crank works smoothly and the height variation is perfect for sit to stand. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for a manually adjustable table!


    Exceeded Expectations Just put the table frame together. It exceeds my expectations. I appreciate how sturdy it is. Thanks very much!


    Very Happy! I'm VERY HAPPY with the table. It is easy to crank up and down. I was worried that it might be difficult to crank. I was able to work comfortably on Friday and put in a 10 hour day. Sitting for 10 hours was becoming quite grueling. So, YAY! This is starting out GOOD.


    Highly Recommend! I love my MultiTable and working standing up. I feel so much better than when I sat all day. I recommend MultiTable to everyone I know who works at a desk. I'm standing at mine now!!


    Are You Kidding Me?? I can not believe the table I just bought. I got it yesterday and all I can say is……this is the greatest thing since sliced bread! My legs are already saying thank you. LOL. The quality of this table is above excellent. The mechanisms are all top notch. And the ease of use is beyond belief. I wish I would have known about this a long time ago.Thanks so much for your great service and quality product. I am so glad I have this.


    Nothing else like it! Are you thinking about purchasing a Multi-Table standing desk? Stop thinking about it and just do it. I actually have two of these desks in my home and know three other people who have them as well. We bought the first one for me and then my wife wanted one, so we purchased hers a short time after. We both are designers and spend a good bit of time at our desk so we wanted to be sure we had something that would last and had room for our monitors and accessories. I have the black frame and she has the silver frame. We purchased one of the Multi-Table tops for her and I put a custom top on mine. I honestly have not found a better product. These desks are super solid and will likely last long after I’m done using them for sure! My only regret is that I didn't purchase the power crank for them. :)

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