The Height of Healthy Design™


MultiTable® Manual Standing Desk

Bases Starting at $399

Our MultiTable Manual Standing Desk is a great affordable option for anyone interested in starting a healthier working lifestyle with a height-adjustable desk. With only two handle turns per inch of movement, raising and lowering is a breeze. Learn more about our Manual Standing Desk.

The craftsmanship is absolutely amazing. Once it’s all set up, cranking it up and down is very easy and smooth. ~ DK

MultiTable® Electric Standing Desk

Bases Starting at $499

Our MultiTable Electric Standing Desk offers unparalleled style and performance as one of the most durable products in the marketplace. This standing desk features high-quality Bosch® motors to effortlessly raise and lower your work surface at the push of a button. Learn more about our Electric Standing Desk.

After 3+ plus years of everyday use, I am still in love with this desk base. I raise and lower the desk multiple times everyday and it has never had problems and is still very sturdy. ~ Evan R.

MultiTable® Electric L-Shaped Standing Desk

Bases Starting at $849

Our MultiTable Electric L-Shaped Standing Desk is the perfect addition to any modern, health-conscious executive space. Equipped with triple Bosch® motors, this standing desk provides an extended work surface that evenly raises and lowers in seconds. Learn more about our Electric L-Shaped Standing Desk.

Best thing I have done for myself in a long time. The stand up desk takes pressure off of my back and spine…so much better than sitting in front of a computer so much. ~ Christina

Standing Desk Ergonomic Accessories

Starting at $69

MultiTable stocks the latest in contemporary and sleek Standing Desk Ergonomic Accessories to enhance your height-adjustable products and better enjoy your new healthy working lifestyle.

Some of our most popular accessories include:

  • Under-the-Desk Keyboard & Mouse Trays
  • Adjustable Monitor Arms
  • Under-the-Desk CPU Holder
  • Cable Management Trays
  • Standing Desk Wheel Kits