We are The Height of Healthy Design

from 7 months ago

Established in 2010, is a leading manufacturer of height adjustable standing desks and ergonomic accessories for the office and home office. We combine the incredible health benefits of standing periodically while working with the customization and style of creating your own work space. We have mastered the art of standing desks with precision and durability. Order your’s now.

Easy Movement

from 10 months ago

Ever asked yourself how our standing desks actually adjust up and down? Is it hard to adjust the height? How long does it take? In this video, we show you just how easy it is to operate our height adjustable standing desks. So easy. Like really easy. Super easy. Take a look! We’ve been crafting standing desks since 2010 and have mastered the engineering and comfort at the highest level. Shop now.

MultiTable® Electric L Shaped Desk

from 3 months ago

Our L Shaped electric height adjustable standing desk creates the ideal executive space. Its high quality dual Bosch® motors raise and lower your work surface in seconds. In addition, its unique single piece frame design allows you to raise and lower the both sides of the desk at the same time, offering an ample work surface in the sitting or standing position. The MultiTable L Shaped Standing Desk Order your’s now.

MultiTable® Articulationg Keyboard & Mouse Tray

from 3 months ago

MultiTable’s articulating ergonomic keyboard and mouse tray is a joy to use! Its unique articulating arm delivers the ultimate ergonomic experience. The tray offers incredible flexibility by allowing you to position the tray in any spot, whether you’re standing or sitting. It’s the perfect addition to any height adjustable standing desk and more affordable than you might think. Order your’s now. Standing Desk Conversions

from 1 months ago

Looking to convert your office desk to a height adjustable standing desk? MultiTable has a solution. Call: 855-469-6858 to get started today. You don’t have to throw your old desk away. has been designing and selling standing desks since 2010 and has engineered standing desks and ergonomic accessories from the ground up. Call us and get started standing today!

Ballet of Forklifts

from 10 months ago

Our new CNC machine arrived so that we can craft our standing desk tops in-house now! Getting this beast of a machine was not an easy feat and took some finesse with two forklifts. Watch this magical ballet happen as we held our breath in anticipation! Each desk top is meticulously crafted to our precise specifications and inspected thoroughly for any minute flaws. Order your’s now. Holiday Shennanigans

from 6 months ago

Put a face behind a name while sharing some fun holiday moments with us here at Meet the Multitablers, see what life is like here at, and share in some memorable moments from last year’s holiday season. We don’t consider this a job, but a privilege. Standing Desks & Ergonomic Accessories – It’s What We Love To Do! Call: 855-469-6858 to get connect with us today!

Behind the Scenes

from 11 months ago

While gearing up for our new web launch and filming some really cool stuff, we took some behind the scenes footage as well. We can’t wait to see the finished product! Standing desks and ergonomic accessories is what we love to do here at We are the height adjustable standing desk experts. Call us today to find out how we can help you elevate your office to the next level.