We are MultiTable: The Height of Healthy Design®

from MultiTable.com 8 months ago

Established in 2010, MultiTable is a leading manufacturer of the most affordable, high quality height adjustable sit or stand office desks on the market and ergonomic accessories for the modern health conscious workplace.

MultiTable® Electric L-Shaped Standing Desk

from MultiTable.com 5 months ago

Our L-shaped Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk is the perfect solution for those requiring a larger work surface with the freedom to sit or stand while working. Learn more about our MultiTable® Electric L-Shaped Standing Desk.

MultiTable® Easy Movement

from MultiTable.com 13 months ago

Curious about how our standing desks move effortlessly up and down so smoothly? Do you think it will be hard to frequently adjust the height of your stand up desk? Is it a strenuous process? These are fair questions, and we hope this video adequately shows how easy it is to operate our superior quality height adjustable desks.

MultiTable® Articulationg Keyboard & Mouse Tray

from MultiTable.com 6 months ago

MultiTable’s articulating ergonomic keyboard and mouse tray is the perfect addition to your standing desk and helps you work even healthier. The articulating arm delivers the ultimate ergonomic experience as it allows you to alter the tray to your desired height and angle, providing maximum comfort and flexibility.

MultiTable Standing Desk Conversions

from MultiTable.com 5 months ago

Are you desperate to get standing but can’t imagine replacing your current desk? We have a solution: a MultiTable height adjustable desk conversion. Our ergonomic engineers can create a custom frame to fit your current desktop and can assist with the install process to ensure your revamped desk is running properly. Check out the video below to see how smooth the conversion process is, then call our height adjustable conversion team today at 855.469.6858.

Check out MultiTable’s radio spot!

from MultiTable.com December 24, 2016

Check out MultiTable’s latest height adjustable standing desk radio ad that will be playing starting 12-24-2016 through the end of January 2017 on Money Radio 1510 am. MultiTable designs manufactures high quality office desks that allow employees the freedom to sit or stand while working and offers the perfect solution to sitting disease. Shop MultiTable.com today to start living a healthier life with the help of a standing desk.

Jubi Meets MultiTable

from MultiTable.com January 2017

The best solution for a healthier work environment is to have both sitting and standing options. Being stagnant in any position, whether it be sitting or standing, is the issue that many people face. The real key to being healthier at the workplace is to get moving, and a MultiTable Desk can help you achieve that while creating workplace balance. That’s is just what our friends at the company Try Jubi were looking for, so they called out to MultiTable.

Ballet of Forklifts

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Our CNC machine allows our team of height adjustable standing desk experts to craft our incredible standing desktops in-house! Each MultiTable stand up desktop is meticulously crafted to precise specifications and inspected thoroughly for flaws, no matter how small. We use high quality Wilsonart® thermally fused laminate tops (TFL) on our full line of height adjustable sit stand desks. Order your MultiTable® Height Adjustable Workstation today.

Behind the Scenes

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Standing desks and ergonomic accessories are what we love to do here at MultiTable, and we take pride in providing an enjoyable experience for our customers. We have cultivated a team of highly-trained height adjustable standing desk experts who are ready to get you standing.

MultiTable Holiday Shennanigans

from MultiTable.com 14 months ago

Put faces behind the many names of MultiTable with some fun holiday moments captured at our Arizona headquarters in 2015. Meet the Multitablers, see what life is like here at MultiTable.com, and share in some memorable moments from last year’s holiday season.


Watch the height adjustable experts at MultiTable assemble our Manual Standing Desk, Electric Standing Desk, and L-Shaped Electric Standing Desk in a matter of minutes. Simple, easy to follow instructions show you the process of installing your new standing desk. It’s a breeze, we promise!

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L-Shaped Standing Desk Assembly

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