Standing Desk Benefits and Why We Stand

We stand to be in motion.

The typical 45 minutes in the gym can’t compete with the drain of an 8-hour workday — sit too long, you start to fidget; stand still too long, and you shift your weight. Your needs vary throughout the day, yet the standard desks we are all used to are stationary fixtures. A MultiTable sit and stand desk revolutionizes every work day by moving with you as your needs change and your movement varies.

Standing Desk Adjustable Why Stand MultiTable
Standing Desk Adjustable Height Desk Why Stand MultiTable

We stand to make a difference.

Standing while working increases productivity by up to 10% and increases focus. Sedentary workers are encouraged to get up and move every hour. In an 8-hour work day, those 5-minute breaks add up to a minimum of 40 minutes. By simply adjusting from sitting to standing, restorative breaks become unnecessary. Energy and productivity are both boosted, making it easier to work smarter — an advantage for employees and employers alike.

We stand so you can benefit!

Adjustable standing desks are not just a trend — using an adjustable standing desk will benefit anyone who uses a desk: students, teachers, physicians, office managers, secretarial pools, administrative assistants, telecommuters, writers, musicians and the list goes on. Anyone interested in increased health, energy, and productivity needs a height adjustable standing desk.

Adjustable Standing Desk Adjustable Height Desk Why Stand MultiTable

We Know the Good from the Bad.


Standing Periodically Has Shown to:

  • Boost Metabolism, Which Burns More Calories
  • Reduce the Risk of Type 2 Diabetes
  • Reduce the Risk of Cardiovascular Disease
  • Reduce the Risk of Cancer
  • Increase Life Expectancy


Prolonged Sitting Increases the Risk of:

  • Organ Damage – Heart Disease, Colon Cancer
  • Muscle Degeneration – Mushy Abs, Limp Glutes
  • Leg Disorders – DVT (blood clots), Soft Bones
  • Mortality (61% higher for people who sit 7+ hours a day)
  • Skeletal & Muscular Problems – Strained Neck, Bad Back, Sore Muscles

We Let the Experts Speak…

Standing Desk Adjustable Height Office Desk Benefit Articles MultiTable

There are hundreds of research articles and testimonies written that validate the working benefits of standing desks.

Here are a few of our favorites:

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